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Chicago Condo Short Sale Success Story!

December 21, 2011

I had to write and thank you for your help and expertise in the recent short sale of my Chicago condo.  Before I contacted you, I had spoken to several different real estate agents who, because of the bad real estate market, wouldn’t even consider trying to sell my condo; they just kept putting me off.  I was moving out of state and really needed to sell.  It was very disappointing and disheartening, meeting with agent after agent who wasn’t willing to help. I wondered if they were only in real estate for the money, when times were better?  And then I called you.

When we first met in my condo, you were friendly and outgoing.  After we carefully discussed my situation, you suggested a short sale.  You came very well prepared with information on the recent sales, time on the market, and asking/actual sold price differences for not only condos in my building but for those in the surrounding neighborhoods.  You took the time to explain everything to me thoroughly and answered all my questions, making sure I understood completely about short sales, foreclosures, renting possibilities, and what exactly was happening in the real estate market, so I could make the best decision for my situation.

There were a lot of ups and downs pertaining to the sale of my condo because of the bad market; so much paperwork from the mortgage company, the lawyer, and the banks, but through it all you remained calm and confident, which in turn kept me calm, and for me, being halfway across the country, that meant a lot!  You really did get me through this ordeal.  This Chicago condo was my first real estate purchase and first real estate sale and you walked with me through it every step of the way, constantly explaining everything that was happening and truthfully answering all of my questions.

I truly cannot thank you enough. I believe the sale of my condo NEVER would have happened without YOU!!!!  I have told family and friends how wonderful you are and how you really know your business when it comes to “all things real estate”. It is obvious you have been in this business for a long time, you are up-to-date on current issues/processes regarding real estate information. You are honest and open about everything and you truly care about your clients!  I am so happy and grateful to have met you and was able to work with you. I would call you again in a heartbeat!! 

Again, thank you for selling my condo and thank you for everything!

Deidre Hogan