Whats Good About 2012? Chicago Neighborhoods

This year I will only focus on good news; what’s good about 2012?  Here are two items that caught my eye.

Forbes.com cites Chicago as having one of the nation’s best downtowns!  

“As for a downtown among the country’s biggest cities, none come close to Chicago for its range of offerings and combination of stunning architectural monuments, waterside views, shopping options and recreational opportunities. Stare up at the austere exactitude of Mies van der Rohe’s buildings (such as the black tower of the IBM Plaza), wander through the packed halls of the Chicago Institute of Art to view its impressive collection or catch a speedboat off Navy Pier to tour the Lake Michigan waterfront. Endless things to do and places to eat, all in a walk-friendly area, make it one of the best downtowns in the United States.”

Well, we knew that but it’s nice to see in print that others are recognizing our exceptional city!

Speaking of Chicago,  Studio Chris has created a line of posters and greeting cards that focus on Chicago’s neighborhoods.  It’s interesting both from a graphics and editorial standpoint.  His visuals are arresting, and I love his choices of landmarks that make each neighborhood instantly recognizable.  


I lived beneath the shadow of that clock in Ravenswood for 8 years, and feel that it definitely captures the essence of that neighborhood!  I’m looking forward to future selections of other neighborhoods.  It would be interesting to know what you think captures the essence of a neighborhood.  

Send me your thoughts and I will award two dining gift certificates from restaurants in the winning neighborhoods.

Enjoy January in Chicago.  And happy 2012!


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