Chiditarod Needs Your Help Feeding Chicago’s Hungry

My son, Devin Breen, is the co-founder of Chiditarod, a raucous mobile food drive that combines elements of a race with costumes, shopping carts, and Chicago’s own unique style of social activism. I am extremely proud of Devin and the charitable work he does. He is a true inspiration.

The 9th annual Chiditarod takes place this Saturday, March 1. By his own admission, Devin is better at organizing than promoting the event and I am asking for your help in raising money to feed the hungry. Please read Devin’s letter below, click on the link for Devin’s fundraiser page and make a donation to eradicate hunger in Chicago.

Greetings, friends,

Many of you have heard of (or even experienced) an event I began in 2006 and hold very dear to my heart — The Chiditarod.  The Chiditarod is a raucous mobile food drive that combines elements of a race with costumes, shopping carts, and Chicago’s own unique style of social activism. In other words, 800 people will don elaborate costumes while racing a tricked out shopping cart down the streets of Chicago.  The carts arrive at the race filled with canned food for the Greater Chicago Food Depository. Chiditarod IX races into history this Saturday, March 1, 2014.

This is a crazy event with a very serious cause — feeding the hungry. I am asking for your support to help us raise our fundraising goal of $25,000 for the Chiditarod Foundation — the non profit I founded in 2012.  The Chiditarod Foundation seeks to alleviate hunger and solve the root causes of hunger through creativity, engagement and direct action.  Food and food security is an essential and necessary ingredient in life. We believe that no one in Chicago should go hungry. In 2013 the Foundation gave out $20,000 in grants to 501(c)3 organizations in Chicago who are solving hunger in innovative ways.  We want to do even MORE in 2014 and you can help us!

As the co-founder of the event, I’ve been involved since the beginning and have experienced the joy of watching the event grow from 100 racers in 2006 to 800 racers, 300 volunteers, and 25 Coreganizers (aka Core Organizers) in 2014.  For 4 months it’s my 2nd full-time job.  I spend all non-business (and much sleeping) hours working on this event.  I’m historically much better at organizing the event than promoting it, so I’m challenging that status quo by holding this fundraiser.  And, I’m challenging EVERY other team to hold the top fundraising spot.. will you help me achieve this goal?!  To add to the drama, I’m looking to raise $5,000 in 3 DAYS.  Let’s do it!!

My Fundraiser Page:

Your generous donation supports grassroots, hunger-fighting initiatives. Organizations like food banks, urban farms, educational programs, mobile farmers,  programs for children, community gardens, markets, and more!  Thank you so much for your generous contribution to help us eradicate hunger in Chicago, and for supporting the Chiditarod all these years. I am truly humbled.

Please consider forwarding this email along to your altruistic, fun-loving friends.  And most importantly, thank you for your time and consideration.

Warmest Regards in this epic winter,


Thank you for supporting Devin, the Chiditarod and Chicago’s hungry!


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