Navigating School Options for Chicago Parents: Elementary Notifications Are Coming – What’s Next?

Date: March 19, 2014

Time: 10:30 AM Central Daylight Time

This is an exciting time for Chicago parents choosing the best fit for elementary school. With so many interesting options in Chicago and notifications on the horizon, let’s talk about ‘What’s Next?’. Join us for a free webinar with acclaimed Chicago School GPS moms who help parents across Chicago navigate this important decision. Whether you have a range of options or none yet, this webinar will help you make sense of next steps to maximize success in your elementary school journey. The conversation will cover timelines to consider during your elementary school search and an overview of Chicago Public School and Private Schools options.

Grace Lee Sawin
Chicago School GPS

As a self-described “Tiger Mom Lite” (her kids have had numerous sleepovers in their years but do play more than one instrument), Grace has always felt that the most important role of a parent is to provide the best possible education for her children by putting in all the time and research required to successfully make that happen. Little did she know HOW MUCH time and research she would have to do in order to get her daughters into a sought-after Montessori school for preschool, then into a well-regarded selective enrollment elementary program followed by a top CPS Academic Center and selective enrollment high school. Throughout the years, Grace has seen the school choice landscape change in Chicago yet she still strives to keep searching for the best options for her girls. Ironically, she thrives on uncovering these nuggets of wisdom and “hidden” info that others simply don’t have time to uncover. Luckily, she also is excited to share that info with you as she firmly believes a great education is a right, not a privilege. It just so happens in the City of Chicago, it’s a “right” that takes an inordinate amount of research.

Grace grew up attending public schools in suburban Washington, DC. She studied architecture at Cornell University and moved to Chicago in the mid-90’s. As she and her husband raise their two daughters in the city, she finds herself delving deeper and enjoying her quest to uncover hidden gems and enrichment opportunities for Chicago families.

Ginger Hecht
Chicago School GPS

After moving from Europe back to Chicago, with the first child in tow, Ginger did not realize how difficult it was to navigate the pathways of the Chicago School system. The hours it took to settle in from a international move and also start to look for schools was a bit overwhelming, as was the realization that walking to your local school was out of the question at the time. After much research and time, her son was accepted into a wonderful private school on the North Side, where he could walk to school. Her second is still there and her oldest is now in a highly regarded private high school. She has been very active in the school community, and would like to share her experiences and knowledge with families on their school journeys, including the everchanging High School Search.

Growing up in suburban Chicago and attending a small Private College, she got first hand knowledge of what a good education should look like and has strived to find the same for her boys. With a background in marketing, fundraising and sales, and a wide network contacts, Ginger brings her breadth of experiences to understanding the complex world of school admissions.

Ryan Hannon
Director of Admissions
GEMS World Academy (GWA) – Chicago

Ryan Hannon is a seasoned admissions professional with over six years of experience working with parents across Chicago navigate the admissions process and the multi-faceted learning experiences in schools in Chicago. Ryan is currently the Director of Admissions for GEMS World Academy (GWA)-Chicago, opening in September 2014, and is focused on working with parents and students to discover the GEMS World Academy’s international program of studies and its’ inquiry based learning model. Prior to joining GWA-Chicago, Hannon served as the Assistant Director of Admissions for Francis W. Parker School, a leading independent private school in Chicago. He managed the highly selective admissions process of the school and oversaw large-scale open house events for recruitment. His work also involved a rebranding initiative of the Parker school, facilitation of the financial aid application for need-based candidates, and served on the school’s admissions and financial aid re-accreditation committee. Hannon has experience in higher education admissions and previously worked as the Senior Admissions Representative for International Academy of Design and Technology, and in the Office of Admissions at Skidmore College (NY).

In addition to his extensive background in school admissions, Hannon served on the Associates Board of the Golden Apple Foundation as its Membership and Marketing Chair. He has his Bachelor’s degree in Government from Skidmore College and holds a Master’s degree in Public Policy & Administration from Northwestern University.

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