Each year around 65% of all household moves take place between May and September, so obviously you need to plan ahead if you’re moving to a new home this summer.

stressWhile the act of relocating to a new place can certainly be exciting, there are, of course, challenges to be met, especially during a hot, busy summer season.  Although there are no foolproof ways to make the experience totally stress-free, there are, thankfully, actions you can take to make your “adventure” a more positive one.

Sage advice to heed includes:

  1. Plan ahead!  Contact moving companies or truck rental firms at least six weeks in advance if possible. Try to schedule your move for a weekday and at a time when traffic is less heavy.  Make prior arrangements for the care of young children and pets on moving day—for their sake and yours!  Line up commitments from friends and family if you’ll need their assistance for the move.
  2. Be strategic about packing.  Gather necessary supplies and start packing early.  Whether it’s one room, one cabinet, or a drawer at a time, weed through what may be years of accumulation.  Decide what to donate to charity, give to a friend, recycle, trash, pack now, or keep handy until moving day.  Label boxes as to contents and intended room in the new home.
  3. Take care of logistics in advance.  Ideally, you should contact your future utilities provider at least two weeks before you move regarding turning on your electricity, gas, phone, cable, and internet before your arrival, if possible.  Contact any new school for a list of documents needed for registration.  Do not pack these materials away it’s better to hand carry them for easy retrieval.  If you’re going to need to spend a night in a hotel, make those arrangements early.
  4. Make life simple.  Keep all small parts labeled, in plastic bags, and all together in one box.  Likewise, take pictures of electronic hook-ups for future use.
  5. Consider the heat.  Dress appropriately, stay hydrated, and refrain from placing certain items in a hot truck—candles or wine, e.g.  Click here for tips on packing cleaning products and toxins.
  6. Stay calm.  Relax, whistle, smile, and anticipate the pleasure of living in your new home. 


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