Chicago 100 Years Ago

Ever wonder what Chicago looked like 100 years ago? Wonder no more! Watch this amazing video by YouTuber “Yestervid”, who has pieced together dozens of videos to transport viewers back in time.

This is an amazing collection of the earliest motion pictures made in Chicago from 1896-1935. What is also cool is the video shows dates and maps showing precisely where the camera was placed.

The video starts in 1914 as a boat crosses Lake Michigan. From there, it shows you a simple road with a few trees, cars going down it. Today, that road would be bustling, red-bricked buildings surrounding every corner!

The film features places such as the stockyards and Michigan Avenue as far back as 1896. It also shows early 20th century clips of Theodore Roosevelt, Al Capone and recently discovered footage of the SS Eastland disaster on the Chicago River in 1915.

The producers believe they have also identified the previously unknown location of the oldest surviving footage of the Chicago – a short clip of a police parade in front of a now-demolished building in 1896.

The film was taken outside the Battery D building which stood on the corner of Michigan Avenue and Monroe Street.

Be sure to watch… you’ll be glad you did!


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